PT. RAYATEH UTAMA TELADAN CANGGIH has an ability to plan, deploy and manage wireless network infrastructure by utilizing a wide combination of service including commissioning, RF planning, project management, site acquisition and site contruction, and network management services as well as used to construct the infrastructure And it has built a successful IT & Telecommunication Sector.

I. Information Technology

   Hardware & Software Applications

   Database System


   Web Developing

   Maintenance Service  

The range of services provided by PT. Rayateh Utama Teladan Canggih is shown in the diagram below :

PT. Rayateh UTC has a thorough understanding of wireless, the underlying infrastructure and associated equipment. This understanding allows PT. Rayateh UTC to continually develop new solutions by focusing on its core competencies of :

  • Product innovation utilizing the strengths of the quality design and engineering capability ; and
  • Service delivery by a team of experienced project managers and site construction and development teams



II.    Survey

LOS Survey : Delivering Line of Sight (LOS) status and condition of microwave transmission path according to the microwave transmission planning requirement by path calculation of map and field data. 

Site Survey :  Getting information from the field according to the network expansion planning requirement to ensure the site could be built and following the standard requirement.

PT. Rayateh UTC has executed LOS and Site Survey in Nanggroe Aceh  Darusallam (NAD), North Sumatera, West Sumatera, Jambi, Pekan Baru, Central Java province for Telkomsel, Indosat and Mobile-8, NTS, HCPT, 

Installation and integration transmission

Installation and Integration Microwave Transmission Equipment : PT. Rayateh UTC has installed and integrated many microwave transmission equipment of two brands, Ericsson and Siemens.

Ericsson Equipment :

Minilink-E ; 4E1 – 16E1, antenna 0.3m- 3m, Hot Standby/ Space Diversity, Hicap 63E1 and Traffic Node Siemens Equipment : SRAL XC.

Installation and Integration RBS (Radio Base Station) Equipment :

  • PT. Rayateh UTC has experiences in installation and integration RBS Equipment of 3 brands: Ericsson, Siemens, and Samsung. Ericsson Equipment: 
  • RBS for Macro Site: RBS2202, RBS2206, RBS2216, RBS2111, RBS 6601, RBS 6201
  • RBS for Micro Site: RBS2302 and RBS2308; indoor and outdoor installation type. 
  • Siemens Equipment: BBS240XL
  • Samsung Equipment 


III.        Installation and Integration

PT Rayateh UTC ready to help your company to install a fiber optic network, PT Rayateh UTC has experienced completed the installation of fiber optics for leading telecommunication company in Indonesia, including Indosat, Telkomsel.


  • Single mode cable
  • Multimode Cable
  • FDDI
  • ST-SC Connectors
  • Indoor Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Outdoor Fiber Optic Cabling


  • The installation of underground cables
  • ADSS cable installation


IV.  Optimization      

PT. Rayateh UTC has experience also in network optimization; especially in drive test and initial tuning; to support customer’s requirement in coverage, capacity, cost and call quality.

Scope Of Work

  1. Perform Installation according to Standard Installation Document   
  2. Perform Pre-Commissioning Activity
  3. Perform Commissioning and ATP
  4. Perform procedure of Working in Live Network
  5. Perform works with proper Health and Safety Tools
  6. Concluding routines (Labeling, taking photos, red marked SID, equipment test & functionality test)
  7. Provide all data as required for documentation
  8. Site cleaning, recycling and disposal 


General Contractors & Suppliers

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Civil Construction